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U.S Navy SEAL Miranda funeral


Hello 405 Radio dot com,

Media send out chaffe,

Trayvon Martin reporting is dangerously inciting,

Save the sub culture,

Media & Clegy miss Christian Pastor being beheaded in Syria,

Egypt protester anti Obama and America,

Media suppresing IRS targetting,

Thje Blaze becoming the site of record,

Transperancy going by the wayside,

McCain lost all integrity,

Palin going to drop the GOP ?,

England sinking fast,

CAIR made up the word Islamaphobe,

Energy independence the enemy of the Leftist Democrats,

Extortion 17,

MagPul 30 rd magazines for everyone in Colorado


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Should we keep the audio show ?

Everything coming at us at once,

Be prepared,

Stay away from Syria,

Is a proxy war coming,

GOP infiltrated,

The Religion of Peace,

Were we played on Snowden,

Louie Gohmert takes no guff,

Hollywood begins to turn on the king,

Republican party needs weeded,

George Zimmerman victim of media racism,

State department rotten too,

Air Force gets censored

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DC falling apart,

Lying for their party,

The scandals run deep,

Weapons in Syria,

Federal Government spits on the First Amendment,

Joe Arpaio prevails again,

SCR frowns on warning shots,

Problems with the Imam in a suit,

Josh Wander joins the show,

Screw up move up,

Vandals spraypaint Brittish War memorials,

Friday Islamic pep rallys,

NYC is nuts,

U.S. siding against Christians once again,

Obama Christie love fest….barf,

Harry Reid supporter in trouble

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Debbie Usedtobeaman Schultz


Spreecast is coming,

Benghazi…we will never let go,

Every American should be pissed off,

Fast and Furious didn’t end correctly,

Was the Bush Airport shooting a set up,

You can’t trust one single Democrat anymore,

Truth would have worked better,

Obama acts a fool in Mexico,

15 year old girls can now get abortion medicine OTC,

Schultz says it’s Un American to ask about Benghazi,

Christie is a suck up when it comes to Obama,

Imams must step up or be blamed,

Syria and chemical weapons,

Calling a pig a pig since 2010,

The Netherlands kills multi culturalism

Jihad from coast to coast,

American hero Special Operator steps up on Fox News,

29% think we may have to take up arms,

I did not have sexual relations with that woman,

Young Obama voters are going to be the most hurt

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118a 118b

Thanks again to Buyer Brown,

Feedback and Great food and fellowship from Pino’s,

Thanks Jenn and Joe,

Goodbye George,

Bullshit furloughs,

People want their Twinkies,

Benghazi report has Interim in title,

Where did the Saudi story go,

Cracks in the foundation of the Progressive lie,

Will the media fall this time,

Gosnell coverage a national disgrace,

Josh lands CL Bryant,

Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms goes wildly national,

Wake up politically correct America we are under attack,

Radical Muslim or Practicing Muslim,

Mirandizing judge sweet with Muslim Brotherhood,

HHS Secreatary is Cruella Deville

Stop the Syria push for war,

John Easter Island Kerry.

Christians catching hell

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Whole lotta Global warming out there,

History of Steel city Resistance

Video locks up as Hutch apaologizes for last week,

DHS bullshitting Congress

Could Assad be dead?,

The killing fields of Syria,

Middle East analysis,

Republicans must clean house,

Ted Cruz smacks Witch Feinstein,

Is Morsi ready to unleash hell?,

Remind them we’re broke,

Gun control is a bonus for criminals,

A Bannerweek for the Jihad Report,

Universal Background Checks is the Holy Grail,

Hillary is the first gay candidate,

EPA is the enemy of our time,

Colorado assasin converts to Izlam,

Bloomberg is off the hook,

Boehner absolutely trusts Obama,

Clinton Benghazi emails leaking out,

Chemical weapons in Syria

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Republican Party going astray,

Low Information Voters,

Facts don’t even matter,

Fiscal Cliff 101,

Social Security is an entitlement program,

Al Sharpton a tax expert,

Liberalism is a mental disorder…Savage,

Standard Leftist rebuttal…You’re Lying,

We go deep on Global Warming,

Talking Electric Cars,

He had a HAM Radio next to his head,

He had a phone in his Lincoln,

Street smart advice from SCR,

A sad state of affairs at the very top of the military,

Jim Demint makes a move to Heritage,

Establishment Republicans never learn,

Conservatives need to think younger,

The Fiscal Cliff is everything Obama wants,

Debt ceiling authority could go to Executive Branch,

The young are distracted,

FEMA incompetent military tapped,

Christians being slaughtered Clergy silent

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New show format less reading,
Trouble in Syria,
Democrats world coming up racist,
Ward goes Hawaiian,
Romney is refreshing and Hutch said that,
Afghanistan KIA’s under Jurassic media radar,
F and F and Wide Receiver two separate ops,
F & F started by Obama Administration exclusively,
Representative Trey Gowdy is going places,
The issue is Checks and Balances,
Holder has perjured himself more than once,
Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind,
75% Egyptian – Americans vote for Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,
Google comes up again,
Chavez providing fuel to Syria,
The US is being laughed at internationally,
Hutch talks beheading