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This mentality of “that was a long time ago” of “What difference does it make?” THese people know how to play the game. They try to hide the issue, whatever it is Benghazi, fast and furious, wire-tapping… I could go on and on. Why does this administration think that this will all blow over? Because it always does. On September 12th 2001 united the entire country, you couldn’t buy an American flag in the store. Over and over you heard the “We will not forget”.  Now fast forward to 2013, and people in New York are actually lobbying to build a mosque on ground zero. This goes to my point. given enough time the American people will become more self involved and forget about the September 11th attacks. The days following the attacks on the World Trade Center, the media decided it was to graphic to show the images of these terroristic animals flying aircraft into the buildings because the images were to disturbing. Well guess what, it was disturbing. The political correct police came out and determined what was to be said, such as the “alleged attackers” instead of “Muslim Terrorists”. Which is what they are.

When Steel City Resistance started, we decided we would call a pig a pig. Nothing has swayed us from that opinion. On September 11th 2001, the United States came under attack from Muslim Terrorists. On September 11, 2012, a US Ambassador and his consulate was attacked by Muslim Terrorists. The attempts of this administration to blame a crappy internet video on these attacks is ludicrous. I am quite sure even terrorists have better things to do other than monitor youtube for potentially offensive  videos on September 11th. Doesn’t at least that part seem a bit strange? On the anniversary of one of the most devastating attacks made on the US, a benign internet video causes a riot that kills our ambassador. None of this sounds fishy?

But the media is starting to ignore all of the infractions of this administration, so I imagine it won’t be long until no one remembers the wire taps, Holder’s perjury (TWICE) , or Benghazi, after all they happened a long time ago.

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This post is so we never forget what an enemy of Christianity Bill Clinton and the disgusting Madeline Albright are and the crimes they committed for the muslims

I never could understand the American Black Muslim groups

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Voters in Indiana…How could you elect this Jihadist ?