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Should we keep the audio show ?

Everything coming at us at once,

Be prepared,

Stay away from Syria,

Is a proxy war coming,

GOP infiltrated,

The Religion of Peace,

Were we played on Snowden,

Louie Gohmert takes no guff,

Hollywood begins to turn on the king,

Republican party needs weeded,

George Zimmerman victim of media racism,

State department rotten too,

Air Force gets censored


Rep Louis Gohmert on Foreign Affairs – CPAC

Posted: March 16, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in Blog, CPAC, video
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Listen to SCR#82

Tragedy in Wisconsin,

Tea Party involvement ?,

Twitter news aggregators,

Chick Fil A should be about wrapped up,

Romney stays on point,

Louie Gohmert is a true leader,

Jury is still out for me on Rubio,

Political Correctness must be thrown to the winds,

Stay cool folks the truth is ours,

RNC gets some intestinal fortitude,

Pollsters skewing the sample for Dems,

Terrorist catch and release,

Hillary Clinton an abject failure,

Lloyd Marcus gets through to his Dad!,

We must start the Islamist conversation

Time to fire the Coach,

Ann Coulter displays the playbook

Another fine job over at The Right Scoop