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Thanks again to Buyer Brown,

Feedback and Great food and fellowship from Pino’s,

Thanks Jenn and Joe,

Goodbye George,

Bullshit furloughs,

People want their Twinkies,

Benghazi report has Interim in title,

Where did the Saudi story go,

Cracks in the foundation of the Progressive lie,

Will the media fall this time,

Gosnell coverage a national disgrace,

Josh lands CL Bryant,

Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms goes wildly national,

Wake up politically correct America we are under attack,

Radical Muslim or Practicing Muslim,

Mirandizing judge sweet with Muslim Brotherhood,

HHS Secreatary is Cruella Deville

Stop the Syria push for war,

John Easter Island Kerry.

Christians catching hell

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We skip a week and the world blows up,


Immigrants must assimilate,

Time for an adult conversation about muslims,

Calling a pig a pig,

New York is an assylum,

2nd Amendment stands,

PTSD a leftist weapon on Vets,

Republican purge not complete,

Benghazi will not be hidden here,

Be responsible on social media during crisis,

Our Saudi problem must be solved,

Glenn Beck becoming the most credible,

The military response in Boston was too much,

Canada thwarts terrorist attack,

A citizen is a damn citizen,

High casualties on this week’s Jihad Report,

U.S. Gov not interested in protection from Islamic Jihad,

John Kerry is a national embarrassment,

Special Ops crew demands justice on Benghazi,

Boehner dropping the ball,

Jane Fonda’s disgusting ass is back,

Lady Thatcher RIP,

Baby murder trial not covered in Philly


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Comment on the new format,

We don’t pick lightweight stories,

Re hashing to third party dumbness,

No Cabinet meetings & No budget,

The world is rumbling and the flag is burning,

Friday prayers are hate speech,

The polls are skewed,

Romney has the audacity to run against Abama,

Trohies for everyone,

Media is self-destructing,

The Big Collusion on a film,

The truth will end Islam,

The 20 year muslim plan for America,

Glenn Beck winning,

Communist teachers strike in Chicago,

2016 a blockbuster,

President really disses Israel,

A Jericho missile means the walls come tumbling down,

SEAL family is pissed,

The leaks are embarrassing,

CNN thinks you’re stupid,

9/11 moment of silence or fake boobs ?

Listen to SCR#81

John and Anne  Rock!,

FreePac and Restoring Love were inspirational,

Glenn Beck takes new media to new heights,

We MUST retake the culture,

Mitt up by  5,

Boehner, Rubio, McCain, Christie not up to National Security tasks,

Wild Bill speaks his mind,

Communist pornographer Frank Marshall Davis take 1,

We’re going to redo the Community Reinvestment Act,

Obama hands us a grand slam with remarks in Roanoke,

Leftist propaganda media crumbling before our eyes,

The media has to be held accountable when we regain power,

Mitt has some wit,

Vile sexist attacks on conservative women persist