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U.S Navy SEAL Miranda funeral


Hello 405 Radio dot com,

Media send out chaffe,

Trayvon Martin reporting is dangerously inciting,

Save the sub culture,

Media & Clegy miss Christian Pastor being beheaded in Syria,

Egypt protester anti Obama and America,

Media suppresing IRS targetting,

Thje Blaze becoming the site of record,

Transperancy going by the wayside,

McCain lost all integrity,

Palin going to drop the GOP ?,

England sinking fast,

CAIR made up the word Islamaphobe,

Energy independence the enemy of the Leftist Democrats,

Extortion 17,

MagPul 30 rd magazines for everyone in Colorado


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Ward on leave and the show must go on,

The behind the scenes story,

Anyone want to get famous ?,

Big week in government,

The Lies,

Ron Paul to Hall of Fame,

Was Roberts affected by drugs ?,

Surgeon breaks down the consequences,

Socialism is Socialism zero incentive to work,

Vile Leftists can’t help themselves,

Obama wears a Black Iron Man Suit,

Save yourselves,

DOJ doesn’t care about justice,

Hillary Clinton has real shady Islamic ties,

State department moves understandable,

Do some research people,

Axelrod straight up Chicagoland,

Zimmerman passed lie detector test the next day!!,

GI’s Pay your damn bills! ,

Ashes to Ashes at the airport,

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