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Watch for misinformation…it’s out there,

We’re going to hunker down and if we blow it we’ll man up,

Everyones hating on Jews,

Holocaust was much worse than thought,

What’s wrong with American Jews ?,

Government and their media above the law,

FOX News is weak too,

Grover Norquist Suhail Kahn and CPAC,

Woodward catches pure hell for the truth,

Sorry Bill Peduto I’m out,

DHS massive ammo buy incorrect,

Farrakahn Gangs and collective property,

Let’s let Islamic countries hate us for free,

NRA standing tall as usual,

Cut more spending,

Food Stamps for pets in New York,

Free Market fighting back against tyrrany,

Janet Jackson converts to Islam


The Girls of Fox News

Posted: February 26, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in Blog, video
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A truer song has never played

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The fellas are sick but drive on,

We discuss our longevity,

General Ham standing tall at AFRICOM,

Media complicity with the Left,

Market bites em in the ass,

Menendez a pedophile CNN gives 6 week pass,

Rubio takes career ending drink of water,

Sequestration crisis is bullshit warmed over,

The Pelosi anti HD video chip,

Drug resistant TB in LA brought in by illegals? ,

Troops to Niger,

Military awards explained and cyber medal must be lowered,

Hagel and Brennan not doing so well,

The SCR Beacon is launched,

Chicago is a Gun Free War Zone,

The Justice Department must be investigated and prosecuted,

Dr. Ben Carson scares the shit out of the Left,

Is the government gearing up to get military with us,

London and Wichita going 7th Century Muslim,

The American Left must join the conversation about Jihad,

Soros must be stopped,

Thanks to Joe Pags

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Remote broadcast this week,

Leftist murder zones,

DC Boomtown,

Christie is a Democrat,

Christian clergy infiltrated,

Will Democrat cockiness come back to slap them,

Paul Ryan smartly warns,

Media should go bankrupt,

US is becoming politically illiterate,

The Benghazi justice failure,

Hillary Clinton evil personified,

What difference does it make,

McCain and Paul do their jobs,

Mattis purged,

Iran hostage crisis was a tough time to grow up,

Supreme Court gets one right,

2nd Amendment infringement will not pass Senate,

Blacks getting driven out of Compton