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Should we keep the audio show ?

Everything coming at us at once,

Be prepared,

Stay away from Syria,

Is a proxy war coming,

GOP infiltrated,

The Religion of Peace,

Were we played on Snowden,

Louie Gohmert takes no guff,

Hollywood begins to turn on the king,

Republican party needs weeded,

George Zimmerman victim of media racism,

State department rotten too,

Air Force gets censored



Posted: May 13, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, video
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Remote broadcast this week,

Leftist murder zones,

DC Boomtown,

Christie is a Democrat,

Christian clergy infiltrated,

Will Democrat cockiness come back to slap them,

Paul Ryan smartly warns,

Media should go bankrupt,

US is becoming politically illiterate,

The Benghazi justice failure,

Hillary Clinton evil personified,

What difference does it make,

McCain and Paul do their jobs,

Mattis purged,

Iran hostage crisis was a tough time to grow up,

Supreme Court gets one right,

2nd Amendment infringement will not pass Senate,

Blacks getting driven out of Compton

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The Centennial Episode,

Studio meltdown,

Exploited tragedy in Connecticut,

Gun Free Zones deadly,

Assault Rifle lies,

United Nations assault,

Contact the show we’ll try,

Ben educates Mayor Bloomberg,

Politicians above the law,

Your Weekly Jihad report,

Christians under fire in the Caliphate,

Israeli schools protected,

Disarm the victim,

Hillary Clinton dodges the Benghazi murders….for now,

Boehner’s got to go,

Union Thuggery,

The Luxor Massacre Remembered,

Gangnam Commie,

Saddam’s atrocities,

John Kerry gets the nod

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Republican Party going astray,

Low Information Voters,

Facts don’t even matter,

Fiscal Cliff 101,

Social Security is an entitlement program,

Al Sharpton a tax expert,

Liberalism is a mental disorder…Savage,

Standard Leftist rebuttal…You’re Lying,

We go deep on Global Warming,

Talking Electric Cars,

He had a HAM Radio next to his head,

He had a phone in his Lincoln,

Street smart advice from SCR,

A sad state of affairs at the very top of the military,

Jim Demint makes a move to Heritage,

Establishment Republicans never learn,

Conservatives need to think younger,

The Fiscal Cliff is everything Obama wants,

Debt ceiling authority could go to Executive Branch,

The young are distracted,

FEMA incompetent military tapped,

Christians being slaughtered Clergy silent