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DC falling apart,

Lying for their party,

The scandals run deep,

Weapons in Syria,

Federal Government spits on the First Amendment,

Joe Arpaio prevails again,

SCR frowns on warning shots,

Problems with the Imam in a suit,

Josh Wander joins the show,

Screw up move up,

Vandals spraypaint Brittish War memorials,

Friday Islamic pep rallys,

NYC is nuts,

U.S. siding against Christians once again,

Obama Christie love fest….barf,

Harry Reid supporter in trouble


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Debbie Usedtobeaman Schultz


Spreecast is coming,

Benghazi…we will never let go,

Every American should be pissed off,

Fast and Furious didn’t end correctly,

Was the Bush Airport shooting a set up,

You can’t trust one single Democrat anymore,

Truth would have worked better,

Obama acts a fool in Mexico,

15 year old girls can now get abortion medicine OTC,

Schultz says it’s Un American to ask about Benghazi,

Christie is a suck up when it comes to Obama,

Imams must step up or be blamed,

Syria and chemical weapons,

Calling a pig a pig since 2010,

The Netherlands kills multi culturalism

Jihad from coast to coast,

American hero Special Operator steps up on Fox News,

29% think we may have to take up arms,

I did not have sexual relations with that woman,

Young Obama voters are going to be the most hurt

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Thanks to Buyer Brown,

Civilian Security Force worries,

Slobbering Chris Christie is a disgrace,

Running Guns just like Iran Contra without the drugs,

Obama being protected,

Why did we arm the Muslim Brotherhood,

Dr. Ben Carson hits it out of the park,

How long will the rich stay here,

LA Leftist killer Chris Dorner on the run,

Chicago Police Unions never stop being greedy,

No shame when it comes to parading Sandy Hook kids,

John Brennan a Muslim Brotherhood operative,

Obama AWOL during Benghazi attack,

Cheney smokes all Obama nominees as mediocre,

Ron Paul shows his idiocy concerning Chris Kyle,

Rand Paul gets Islam just not how to deal with it,

The Drone problem discussed,

Dumbed down America still loves Hillary Clinton,

Jesse Jackson Jr. gets half of what he deserves

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Remote broadcast this week,

Leftist murder zones,

DC Boomtown,

Christie is a Democrat,

Christian clergy infiltrated,

Will Democrat cockiness come back to slap them,

Paul Ryan smartly warns,

Media should go bankrupt,

US is becoming politically illiterate,

The Benghazi justice failure,

Hillary Clinton evil personified,

What difference does it make,

McCain and Paul do their jobs,

Mattis purged,

Iran hostage crisis was a tough time to grow up,

Supreme Court gets one right,

2nd Amendment infringement will not pass Senate,

Blacks getting driven out of Compton