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Media and DNC Smokescreen operations,
Europe heading further to the left,
Cali $16B in the red,
Is Obama going to go down big ?,
Military planners make military plans,
Islam is the enemy,
Libertarians: We must survive in the world as it is,
Ronulan’s are helping the communists,
Jihad Watch catching on,
Get your free government phones today,
WV almost picks a federal convict over Obama,
DOJ…You shouldn’t mess with Sherriff Joe,
Jurassic media declares Tea Party dead…ask Lugar,
Leftists losing at every turn,
The lies run deep,
The death of Liberalism,
We are getting fleeced in Afghanistan,
Law of the Sea Treaty (Lost),
Evict the United Nations now!



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It’s almost decision time,
What is Bill Clinton’s angle on Newt ,
Are we supplanting the legacy media ?,
Ron Paul twitter explosion and the Ronuluns,
War coming to the Middle East
Colin Powell blames Tea Party for divisiveness
2012 better show Justice Served!,
Nancy breaks ranks with church, imagine that,
The Democrat Occupy Movement,
Occupiers gone wrong 333 illegal acts to date,
The lefts war on the police,
FBI will not cooperate with CAIR et al according to new Directive,
Senate continues to operate like we’re not broke,
Newt gets a boost from NH newspaper,
CAIR cries about Santorum’s remarks


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Some audio blips, back to the studio next week!
Palin Derangement Syndrome
Who gives a hell ?
Herman Cain is not black enough for the Left
In 2012 if you don’t have charisma you lose
The Tea Party is NOT the Republican Party people
Weinergate won’t go away, Anthony’s Weiners ?
Goebbels Media exposed for the propagandists they are
American Jew hating communists are in on the next attack on Israel
Union thugs protest at Special Olympics event
Hezbollah tactics in use south of the border
Operation Fast and Furious
Is the Race Card over
Can the legacy media survive
Car bailout math malfunction, by design
You Tube lip-synch felony


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Keep sending it Eric
Trump a spoiler ?
Transparency in Foreign Aid
All Republicans are racists
LTC West, send us an email
Hey POTUS Texas is on fire!
Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Arab slavery
Van Jones is back promoting communist green agenda
The Tea Party is changing the country
What’s up with Syria ?
No Easter Statement from White House ?
Australia and John Howard is spot on !
Hutch gets emotional
The Ed Schultz’s be damned!
The American Flag gets the top spot
Is the suicide rate up with kids ?
Superman rejects US citizenship
Planned Parenthood = Margaret Sanger