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Posted: June 18, 2012 by Hutch Jr. in SCRTV

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We fired Google!

Posted: June 16, 2012 by Wardy in SCR, SCRpgh, SCRTV
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As you have noticed, we have moved our site from Blogspot (which is owned by Google), We have changed our email address to no longer use gmail, we no longer use Google Docs to create the show notes. Why? You ask, simple. Hutch and I have a very strong sense of patriotism. and we have said many times that we will defend this country in any way we can. and that is where this came from. Google have gone out of their way to commemorate various days, for example the birth of Pac man and so forth. This week was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Tuesday’s commemoration on the Google home page was for Russian Day. (which we do not have a problem with). The problem came when they refused to do the same for Flag Day which was Thursday. So we had a discussion and decided to fire Google. I have canceled the email addresses. They will no longer be monitored, and after a week or so we will be deleting the site on blogspot, we just want to give our visitors a chance to see we moved to WordPress.

We would also urge you to do the same. This is an American company that can’t do a simple tribute on Flag Day but can celebrate Russian Worker day, Screw them. There are plenty of free services out there that provide free email addresses, hotmail, yahoo, and on and on. If it is web hosting WordPress works like a champ. I was even able to import all of our content with the click of a button.

If it looks like we are unapologetic Americans, you’re right. This is our little way of saying “NO MORE”.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


Posted: January 30, 2012 by Wardy in allen west, Dole, Fast and Furious, Gingrich, Levin, Occupy, Palin, PAT, Santorum, SCRTV

An ugly political week,
Romney half a Democrat campaign,
Carpet Bombing in Florida,
Where are Cain’s accusers now ? ,
Sarah says “Vote Newt”,
Levin isn’t having it,
Santorum + Gingrich percentages = Win,
Gingrich/West Gingrich/Santorum,
Wow Hutch drops the GD bomb for the first time,
The Tweets are confused,
SCRTV gets a blooper,
The self-destruction of the old media,
2011 – What an under reported year (Except SCR),
Muslims systematically abducting young white girls,
Fast and Furious and Holder knew on day one,
Ward gets irate about Obama’s Occupy movement,
PAT is anti-capitalist and unsustainable,
Coal Fired (Electric) car and other Green company’s: failures,
Muslim suicide bombers are stoned


Posted: January 23, 2012 by Wardy in ABC, CAIR, CNN, Fast and Furious, Gingrich, Keystone Pipeline, ron paul, Saul Alinsky, SCRTV

GOP Primary race analysis,
Media gets exposed and crushed,
Gingrich decides to fight back and wins doing it,
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican kids,
SCR knows Saul Alinsky died in 1972,
Newt’s ex does him dirty and it backfires,
Gingrich slays CNN’s King,
Establishment Republican playbook is a proven loser,
Ron Paul is not the answer,
SCRTV is improving as we go,
Obama kills jobs with no remorse,
Market and Canada slaps back,
Obama Federal official from Arizona to plead the 5th,
Social media and Internet kills SOPA and PIPA,
Unions and Che,
CAIR must be stopped cold