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Media and DNC Smokescreen operations,
Europe heading further to the left,
Cali $16B in the red,
Is Obama going to go down big ?,
Military planners make military plans,
Islam is the enemy,
Libertarians: We must survive in the world as it is,
Ronulan’s are helping the communists,
Jihad Watch catching on,
Get your free government phones today,
WV almost picks a federal convict over Obama,
DOJ…You shouldn’t mess with Sherriff Joe,
Jurassic media declares Tea Party dead…ask Lugar,
Leftists losing at every turn,
The lies run deep,
The death of Liberalism,
We are getting fleeced in Afghanistan,
Law of the Sea Treaty (Lost),
Evict the United Nations now!


Posted: January 23, 2012 by Wardy in ABC, CAIR, CNN, Fast and Furious, Gingrich, Keystone Pipeline, ron paul, Saul Alinsky, SCRTV

GOP Primary race analysis,
Media gets exposed and crushed,
Gingrich decides to fight back and wins doing it,
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican kids,
SCR knows Saul Alinsky died in 1972,
Newt’s ex does him dirty and it backfires,
Gingrich slays CNN’s King,
Establishment Republican playbook is a proven loser,
Ron Paul is not the answer,
SCRTV is improving as we go,
Obama kills jobs with no remorse,
Market and Canada slaps back,
Obama Federal official from Arizona to plead the 5th,
Social media and Internet kills SOPA and PIPA,
Unions and Che,
CAIR must be stopped cold


Posted: December 19, 2011 by Wardy in ron paul

The “Establishment” is truly afraid of Gingrich,
Welcome Barbara to the resistance,
Beck loses his mind,
More Ron Paul analysis,
American forces mostly leave Iraq,
Time to ride bikes,
Lowe’s knows what time it is,
Obama campaign collects GOP email addresses,
New Haven wants illegals to vote,
GOP goes crazy,
Michelle takes her own air crew,
Vacations not cheap folks,
This is Alice in Wonderland,
LBJ destroys inner city communities


Posted: August 3, 2011 by Wardy in Ft. Hood, ron paul

Bill joins the resistance
Ron Paul tops all pols with the military
It’s the debt not the debt ceiling stupid
Muslim attack on Ft. Hood thwarted
Ward explains some key Medicare points
The government does not belong in health care
Washington trying to divide us
Another honor less deviant in DC
The Democrat party has been hijacked, just watch the rally’s
Fast and Furious yet again
SEIU gets hit with a RICO suit
Soros buying up the grain industry