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U.S Navy SEAL Miranda funeral


Hello 405 Radio dot com,

Media send out chaffe,

Trayvon Martin reporting is dangerously inciting,

Save the sub culture,

Media & Clegy miss Christian Pastor being beheaded in Syria,

Egypt protester anti Obama and America,

Media suppresing IRS targetting,

Thje Blaze becoming the site of record,

Transperancy going by the wayside,

McCain lost all integrity,

Palin going to drop the GOP ?,

England sinking fast,

CAIR made up the word Islamaphobe,

Energy independence the enemy of the Leftist Democrats,

Extortion 17,

MagPul 30 rd magazines for everyone in Colorado


Thanks to ,
Will football survive ?,
Let the Democrat racism and lies begin,
If a SEAL is killed…that’s bad for Obama,
Progressive media and politicians so damn predictable,
Jimmi Kimmel hits paydirt,
Tea Party alive and well in Indiana,
Correction Richard Lugar is a Senator from Indiana
Phony anthrax scare….lame,
Occupy Cleveland members try to blow up bridge,
Forward Forward Comrade,
Eric Holder could be held in Contempt of Congress,
Old Media giving cover to DOJ,
$10,000.00 for BHO’s college transcripts,
Justice needs to be served concerning the old media crime family,
What is a natural born citizen and what’s not,
Shut down the TSA

It’s time to narrow the field,
Newt, take one for the country,
Romney Voter Fraud ?,
BHO documents were never paper,
Be prepared at home folks,
Racism on display,
Don’t be fooled by effort to divide,
Our prayers to the Cheney family,
The Battle of Athens,
Yinzer lady loves Biden ugh,
Occupy New York talking murder,
USG spending millions on PR,
Eric Holder is a bad apple,
Neo Nazi’s not Islamists says Europe,
Suicidal Democracy,
Administration to fund Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood military,
Revoking citizenship in US ?