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Cold War Radio

Posted: July 3, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, SCR
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Hutch Jr. and Mr. Ja

New show on The 405 Radio 


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U.S Navy SEAL Miranda funeral


Hello 405 Radio dot com,

Media send out chaffe,

Trayvon Martin reporting is dangerously inciting,

Save the sub culture,

Media & Clegy miss Christian Pastor being beheaded in Syria,

Egypt protester anti Obama and America,

Media suppresing IRS targetting,

Thje Blaze becoming the site of record,

Transperancy going by the wayside,

McCain lost all integrity,

Palin going to drop the GOP ?,

England sinking fast,

CAIR made up the word Islamaphobe,

Energy independence the enemy of the Leftist Democrats,

Extortion 17,

MagPul 30 rd magazines for everyone in Colorado

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Ward2 126 126a

Best wishes to Ward!,

Podcasting is no joke,

Welcome Mr. Ja (Jay),

Cold War Radio

The 405Radio

The Wayne Dupree Show

Target GOP that support Amnesty,

Bannana Republic Electoral proccess if amnesty passes,

Conservatives the new Civil Rights Movement,

TWA 800 was it shot down ?

Marxist tactics from this administration shutting down AP sources,

Mr. Ja calls out reporters,

Newspaper takes democrat out of title,

Massive anti gun rally,

John Kerry an embarrassment,

Obamacare hurting city government,

Failing minority schools are rich white peoples fault,

The beautiful Karen Lewis is the big elephant in the room

Farewell and Greetings

Posted: June 22, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast
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It is with great sadness and a sense of awesome reflection that I make this announcement. My witty and sharp mild mannered co-host of three years and more importantly a good friend who I respect and care about has retired from Steel City Resistance. He is not leaving out of animosity or anything negatively related to the show.

Producing a podcast, especially one that is as passionate as ours is a stressful endeavor. Ward decided he had to get away from it for his own wellbeing.  I certainly wish it wasn’t to be, especially at this time in the shows history and future which I will get to in a minute. Ward and I had a real partnership that was something that really made me look forward to Sunday nights. His signature rants and situational awareness were second to none. There will be a hole in the studio on the one hand, but I also feel like a winner to claim I shared the airwaves with Ward for over 120 hours of top notch opinion journalism. Fearless and in your face I wish him nothing but happiness. Stay tuned to Burghseyeview, he’s funny as hell too.

Now for a State of the Show report. Mr. Ja (pronounced Jay) from Orlando FL will pick up co-host duties upon Wards recommendation and Mr. Ja’s acceptance. We have recently been picked up at the 405 Radio out of Los Angeles and SCR runs several times a week there. I recently watched a Spreecast episode of It’s Your Turn w/ Wayne Dupree (NewsNinja2012) and activated my webcam just in case. Much to my surprise Wayne brought me on the show, I gave my best outspoken pitch and I’ve been on every episode since. A couple weeks ago he asked me to come on his radio show, The Wayne Dupree show on the 405 and I had a great time. I asked them if they had any more slots so I could think about doing a live show and the producer said only if I could bring a big time sponsor, so that was out. Last week he had to go to New York to be on Hannity and he asked me to take over his show for the entire week and the Spreecast after that. During the last day of the Wayne Dupree show John, the producer asked if I was still interested in a live show as the 405 Radio had gone 24/7. Cutting to the chase Cold War Radio will air Monday nights with Mr. Ja and I. This show will have call ins and we can’t wait to launch on 1 July. So Sunday 7PM SCR, Mr Ja will activate SCR Southern Command and we will begin a new era with Cold War Radio (CWR) out of LA. SCR is now available for audio subscription via itunes and Stitcher and who knows where else and the video version of the show is available at SCRTV on Spreecast.

Let me just say thank you to you Ward we had a great run and I learned a great deal. I hope we can run into each other in our travels. Mr. Ja, I welcome you to the lowest paying job that you work your butt off at.

Hutch Jr.

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Should we keep the audio show ?

Everything coming at us at once,

Be prepared,

Stay away from Syria,

Is a proxy war coming,

GOP infiltrated,

The Religion of Peace,

Were we played on Snowden,

Louie Gohmert takes no guff,

Hollywood begins to turn on the king,

Republican party needs weeded,

George Zimmerman victim of media racism,

State department rotten too,

Air Force gets censored


Posted: June 12, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, video
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This is not the Glenn Beck Jr. show,

Everything American is under attack,

Democrats and republicans have lost their way,

Are these agencies too big for a president to control ?,

60 minutes kumbaya moment,

What is Crazy Uncle Joe going to do,

Maxine Waters gives away the game,

Databases from hell,

Obama loses NYT for 12 hours,

Some networks stood up to DOJ,

Josh Wander for Mayor,

Prism is unconstitutional,

Internet data mining started before Obama,

Beware the False Flag,

Which scandal are you testifying about today,

Leftist personnel moves,

This is our town Ala Snackbar,

If you come here we must insist on assimilation period,

North Colorado on the horizen?,

Muslim pond scum to represent himself




Posted: June 5, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, video

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DC falling apart,

Lying for their party,

The scandals run deep,

Weapons in Syria,

Federal Government spits on the First Amendment,

Joe Arpaio prevails again,

SCR frowns on warning shots,

Problems with the Imam in a suit,

Josh Wander joins the show,

Screw up move up,

Vandals spraypaint Brittish War memorials,

Friday Islamic pep rallys,

NYC is nuts,

U.S. siding against Christians once again,

Obama Christie love fest….barf,

Harry Reid supporter in trouble


Posted: May 30, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, video

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A little late….sorry folks

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Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice,

Thank you to Spreecast and The 405 Radio,

Mr. Ja,

Global Warming,

Ward has connection challenges this week,

Beef is up and bridges are down,

No unemployment for junkies in Texas,

No constitutional rights for bloggers,

Rubio on the wrong side of immigration,

Hannity is shaky,

Islamic Jihad in London and Paris,

Democrats would become targets in the future,

Holder perjures himself on camera,

The union IRS smoking gun,

It all came from the top,

Trey Gowdy a superhero,

GI’s undercover in the 80’s,

Sweden catching hell from yutes,

Mecca and Medina,

Mitch McConnell taping tied to White House,

Scandal after scandal after  scandal,

Italy sees the light does not see Islam as religion,

Ward has some opinionson Islamic malfeasonce and there’s a mushroom cloud,

News Ninja 2012 joins the conversation,

Follow the Saudi money,

Huma Abedin a good Jewish wife….not,

Joe half a brain Biden,

Anthony Weiner goes all in




Posted: May 22, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, video

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Spreecast is the new thing at the show,

Is incompetence a strategy or tactic ?,

Leftist Chicago criminals,

Write in Joshua Wander for Pittsburgh Mayor,

PA Rep Mike Kelly is our kind of guy,

SCR welcomes mrja to the show,

Bill Mahr and Michael Moore are genuine idiots,

A whole lot of I don’t knows going on,

Party in the House….White House that is,

Witness Protection for Islamist Terrorists,

Marines and umbrellas,

Bob Scheiffer and CBS News rose to the occasion,

IRS going to feel some Tea Party love on Tuesday,

The 405 Radio comes through for the show,

MSM Obama Psychodrama,

Gosnell GUILTY,

Rubio on SCR Watchlist,

The high water mark of the Leftist struggle,

EPA has nothing to do with the enviroment,

Was IRS dump another tactic,

The left is aiming for Holder too,

AP phones tapped,

Some reporters skewed email content,

Is White House insider report genuine ?,

Muslim chemical engineers caught tresspassing at Boston Resevoir


Posted: May 13, 2013 by Hutch Jr. in podcast, video
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Debbie Usedtobeaman Schultz


Spreecast is coming,

Benghazi…we will never let go,

Every American should be pissed off,

Fast and Furious didn’t end correctly,

Was the Bush Airport shooting a set up,

You can’t trust one single Democrat anymore,

Truth would have worked better,

Obama acts a fool in Mexico,

15 year old girls can now get abortion medicine OTC,

Schultz says it’s Un American to ask about Benghazi,

Christie is a suck up when it comes to Obama,

Imams must step up or be blamed,

Syria and chemical weapons,

Calling a pig a pig since 2010,

The Netherlands kills multi culturalism

Jihad from coast to coast,

American hero Special Operator steps up on Fox News,

29% think we may have to take up arms,

I did not have sexual relations with that woman,

Young Obama voters are going to be the most hurt

Listen to SCR#118

118a 118b

Thanks again to Buyer Brown,

Feedback and Great food and fellowship from Pino’s,

Thanks Jenn and Joe,

Goodbye George,

Bullshit furloughs,

People want their Twinkies,

Benghazi report has Interim in title,

Where did the Saudi story go,

Cracks in the foundation of the Progressive lie,

Will the media fall this time,

Gosnell coverage a national disgrace,

Josh lands CL Bryant,

Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms goes wildly national,

Wake up politically correct America we are under attack,

Radical Muslim or Practicing Muslim,

Mirandizing judge sweet with Muslim Brotherhood,

HHS Secreatary is Cruella Deville

Stop the Syria push for war,

John Easter Island Kerry.

Christians catching hell

Listen to SCR#117



We skip a week and the world blows up,


Immigrants must assimilate,

Time for an adult conversation about muslims,

Calling a pig a pig,

New York is an assylum,

2nd Amendment stands,

PTSD a leftist weapon on Vets,

Republican purge not complete,

Benghazi will not be hidden here,

Be responsible on social media during crisis,

Our Saudi problem must be solved,

Glenn Beck becoming the most credible,

The military response in Boston was too much,

Canada thwarts terrorist attack,

A citizen is a damn citizen,

High casualties on this week’s Jihad Report,

U.S. Gov not interested in protection from Islamic Jihad,

John Kerry is a national embarrassment,

Special Ops crew demands justice on Benghazi,

Boehner dropping the ball,

Jane Fonda’s disgusting ass is back,

Lady Thatcher RIP,

Baby murder trial not covered in Philly

Listen to SCR#116


Another video crash,

North Korea talking smack,

Hillary Clinton The Butcher of Benghazi,

GOP must fight on this,

Executive Branch spits in Congress eye,

Ward shows no love for the UN

It’s nor choice it’s murder,

States are seperating on Constitution,

Gun sales still surging,

We must purge the old guard establishment,

Democrats will begin to separate from Obama,

Thanks Eric on Obamacare,

President declares April as smart budgetting month,

Young black male mobs with abentee Fathers who need to pay,

Sarah Palin has immense power,

Obamacare’s tax status is going to be a problem,

Full implementation of Obamacare pain by election,

Cloward and Piven and Islamic Jihad,

Border Insecurity and murder of Law Enforcement,

BREAKING: Special Operations Speaks sends damning letter to Congress,

UN Small Arms Treaty and some Democrats voted for it,

Biden loves Hillary,

Free Syrian Army (Al Queda/Muslim Brotherhood) gets .50 cal sniper rifles

Listen to SCR#115



It’s a radio show this week,

Cultural Marxism is a hit,

Christian leadership silence must stop,

Christians need a national voice,

Crusades returning ?,

Homosexual marriage is a ploy,

Shutting down multiple parts of First Amendment,

Changed your FB Avatar red…you have been played,

Media lying about % and debate is not over,

Universal Background Checks a no winner,

North Korea and a little Korean War history,

Kimchi Jong Un in over his head,

Benghazi hostage…weapons smuggling…murder will not go away,

Mexico is new Islamist terrorist threat,

God out Tyranny in,

Obscene excessive money wasting vacations for the King

Listen to SCR#114




Whole lotta Global warming out there,

History of Steel city Resistance

Video locks up as Hutch apaologizes for last week,

DHS bullshitting Congress

Could Assad be dead?,

The killing fields of Syria,

Middle East analysis,

Republicans must clean house,

Ted Cruz smacks Witch Feinstein,

Is Morsi ready to unleash hell?,

Remind them we’re broke,

Gun control is a bonus for criminals,

A Bannerweek for the Jihad Report,

Universal Background Checks is the Holy Grail,

Hillary is the first gay candidate,

EPA is the enemy of our time,

Colorado assasin converts to Izlam,

Bloomberg is off the hook,

Boehner absolutely trusts Obama,

Clinton Benghazi emails leaking out,

Chemical weapons in Syria

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Listen to SCR #112


Some slight audio choppiness,

Rand Paul starts the conversation,

Blew up Twitter,

Holder thought he would get away with murder,

America is not the battlefield yet,

Learn History from many sources,

Learn Islam’s history,

The Democrats missed a golden opportunity,

Enough about compromise from the right,

Minimum wage is harmful to the poor and unskilled,

Keep islamists out of our prisons,

The White House is closed to those who bought it,


Iran hostage crisis was a traumatic event to those our age,

Check our website,

POTUS pardons 17,

Is the Egyptian revolution over,

Saudi Arabia gets too much love,

Brennan is the top muslim,

TSA slacking,

Michelle loves money



Listen to SCR#110


The fellas are sick but drive on,

We discuss our longevity,

General Ham standing tall at AFRICOM,

Media complicity with the Left,

Market bites em in the ass,

Menendez a pedophile CNN gives 6 week pass,

Rubio takes career ending drink of water,

Sequestration crisis is bullshit warmed over,

The Pelosi anti HD video chip,

Drug resistant TB in LA brought in by illegals? ,

Troops to Niger,

Military awards explained and cyber medal must be lowered,

Hagel and Brennan not doing so well,

The SCR Beacon is launched,

Chicago is a Gun Free War Zone,

The Justice Department must be investigated and prosecuted,

Dr. Ben Carson scares the shit out of the Left,

Is the government gearing up to get military with us,

London and Wichita going 7th Century Muslim,

The American Left must join the conversation about Jihad,

Soros must be stopped,

Thanks to Joe Pags

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Listen to SCR#109



Dr. Benjamin Carson an existential threat to the Left,

We must educate the populace,

Facebook must have some good accountants,

Tax code in need of repair,

Flat Tax,

Kerry gets no Russian love,

After sequestration there are no real cuts,

Ron Paul kind of apologizes and sets Ward off,

We should declare future war,

Chris Kyle is our war hero,

Somali muslims starting trouble in Minnesota,

Lindsey Graham is stepping up lately,

Politicians counting on you being stupid,

Rubio gets thirsty…..divert divert,

Ted Cruz is a rock star

Learn Joe McCarthy….HE WAS RIGHT! ,

Obama fraud case heard by SCOTUS media silent,

Wounded and killed combat vets from ft. Hood getting robbed,

Obama AWOL during Benghazi Consulate attack

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Listen to SCR#107


Unauthorized snowstorm in the Burgh,

Scott Brown bails out,

Moe Money,

Dems don’t seem to be offended that they are being played for stupid,

Pat Toomey say it isn’t so,

Hutch has no love for Republicans,

Hagel bombs out,

It’s rats from a sinking ship,

New media forces NBC chief out,

NBC is a criminal organization,

Eric contributes

Barak John Wayne Obama,

Let’s talk about the violence in Leftist cities,

Military hollowing out has begun,

And the hands come off,

Phony Leftist feminists,

Tom Cotton comes aboard,

50 Billion more,

Wounded Warrior Project rejects church fundraiser,

Brawley get’s  got,

Illinois school districts going with sharia