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We call a Pig a Pig,
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Facebook wars with Lefties,
Spending smoke and mirrors,
Ward’s a Thread Killer,
Leftist cities are failing badly,
Some Democrat controlled cities have wartime body counts,
Obama better hope SCOTUS is asleep,
Christian whites want American blacks to succeed,
All US veterans combat or not are hero’s,
Bill Ayers should be locked up,
Troops need better gear,
Eric Holder should be locked up,
Was Sarah Palin a failed McCain/Soros plan,
Is Obama flooding Israel with muslims ?,
Time to tear the Jurassic media down


Posted: January 30, 2012 by Wardy in allen west, Dole, Fast and Furious, Gingrich, Levin, Occupy, Palin, PAT, Santorum, SCRTV

An ugly political week,
Romney half a Democrat campaign,
Carpet Bombing in Florida,
Where are Cain’s accusers now ? ,
Sarah says “Vote Newt”,
Levin isn’t having it,
Santorum + Gingrich percentages = Win,
Gingrich/West Gingrich/Santorum,
Wow Hutch drops the GD bomb for the first time,
The Tweets are confused,
SCRTV gets a blooper,
The self-destruction of the old media,
2011 – What an under reported year (Except SCR),
Muslims systematically abducting young white girls,
Fast and Furious and Holder knew on day one,
Ward gets irate about Obama’s Occupy movement,
PAT is anti-capitalist and unsustainable,
Coal Fired (Electric) car and other Green company’s: failures,
Muslim suicide bombers are stoned


Posted: June 13, 2011 by Wardy in #weinergate, allen west, herman cain, Legacy Meda, Palin, tea party

Some audio blips, back to the studio next week!
Palin Derangement Syndrome
Who gives a hell ?
Herman Cain is not black enough for the Left
In 2012 if you don’t have charisma you lose
The Tea Party is NOT the Republican Party people
Weinergate won’t go away, Anthony’s Weiners ?
Goebbels Media exposed for the propagandists they are
American Jew hating communists are in on the next attack on Israel
Union thugs protest at Special Olympics event
Hezbollah tactics in use south of the border
Operation Fast and Furious
Is the Race Card over
Can the legacy media survive
Car bailout math malfunction, by design
You Tube lip-synch felony

An historic episode
Mainstream pundits on the right are getting it wrong
Palin is strengthening her message
Beware who the legacy media wants you to vote for
Romney believes in manmade global warming
Global redistribution of wealth
Embedding video get thrown in the gulag
Syrian arrogance in the Golan Heights
Is it time to scrutinize mosques more ?
Wasserman-Schultz GOP thinks illegal aliens are illegal
Drug tests for welfare in Florida


Posted: May 30, 2011 by Wardy in #weinergate, Anthony Weiner, Border, Cain, Joe Klein, Palin, Sharia, Time Magazine

Buyer Brown joins the resistance
Federal troops in Texas is completely legal
It’s like an invading force at our southern border
New York #26 Time Magazine “a victory for socialism”
Is Palin rebranding ?
If the Legacy Media wants a candidate we don’t
I have resorted to prayer re: Allen West
No place in US Government for Sharia Law
The republicans will take Romney out early
Hey Minions go out and get Educated!
Buyer goes off!
Weinergate hits the new media as Legacy scrubs flounder
They dog Hutch for sending the junk picture
Mrs Weiner is that his underwear ?
Beck has done things and exposed people no one else would/did
New propaganda office at White House
Loughner gets over
American liberal women sticking up for Islam ?