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It’s time to narrow the field,
Newt, take one for the country,
Romney Voter Fraud ?,
BHO documents were never paper,
Be prepared at home folks,
Racism on display,
Don’t be fooled by effort to divide,
Our prayers to the Cheney family,
The Battle of Athens,
Yinzer lady loves Biden ugh,
Occupy New York talking murder,
USG spending millions on PR,
Eric Holder is a bad apple,
Neo Nazi’s not Islamists says Europe,
Suicidal Democracy,
Administration to fund Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood military,
Revoking citizenship in US ?


Posted: November 8, 2011 by Wardy in muslim brotherhood

Eric informs the local resistance,
Public School union debacle,
New show notes format,
Michael joins us from the Southside,
Corrupt Make Believe Media piles on Cain,
Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration,
Israel just about at the end of their rope,
Occupy Pittsburgh is pretty low key OWS isn’t,
You guys are being played and they are committing crimes,
Michael describes the Pittsburgh camp,
Cain thinks Perry is behind the mayhem,
UN wants more construction in NYC and Geneva,
Could podcasts, blogs and You Tube be threatened ?,
BHO doesn’t want to comply with Congressional subpoena,
Are the American people on point or watching Glee ?,
The Master plan and it’s nothing new,
Good Luck Joshua Wander!


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Hutch flying solo this week

Is Michelle Bachman a has been ?

Perry surges

Communist Party USA in Obama’s camp

Mayor Dhimmi Bloomberg is looking out for his money

Hutch has Al Sharpton moment

We MUST address Iran as the future Nazi Germany they are

Is Syria going to open a gateway to Israel ?

SCR listeners knew about Muslim Brotherhood

Bikini’s out on Egyptian beaches

Israel deploys Iron Dome

Shouldn’t the States be the folks responding to natural emergencies ?

Unions say don’t worry about deficits

Obama and Bush don’t want you to know who they’re talking to

Goodbye RINO Jon Huntsman you should have stayed in China

Hutch loses his mind about progressive tax code

Happy Independence Day America !
Communist Party USA backs Obama and Dems in 2012
The media is the number one problem
Issa votes against Pigford
The Project to Restore America
You always do what you always did,
You always get what you always got
Is War in the air ?
Sudan in turmoil, no media when it comes to black Africans
Campaign HQ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Operation Fast and Furious won’t go away
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood our newest ally ?
TSA Fail
Kuwaiti’s can piss you off now
Anti Israel Flotilla Watch
Ward apologizes to Greek Prime Minister

Hutch is back and shownotes are available
Weiner’s out, but his wife ?
The Muslim Brotherhood in Washington ?
Romney is arrogant
Michelle Bachman makes a great entrance
Wanting to Tax the Rich is a character flaw
How did Huma get a security clearance
Bill Ayers, a real piece of work
GOP positions changing on foreign wars ?
Borrowing from China and France to pay Greece ?
Dirtbags in Guantanamo get new weapons
Where in the Middle East do Arabs live best ? Israel.
Flash Mobs in media = Criminal gangs

SCR #6

Posted: January 30, 2011 by Wardy in Egypt, Flat tax, HHS, Internet kill switch, muslim brotherhood, Obama, Obamacare

Media Bias
Bullet trains
Muslim Brotherhood
Internet “Kill Switch” for U.S. ?
More unions exempt from Obamacare
Tort Reform
Obama birth certificate back in the news
Olberman canned
Giffords condition seems to be improving
Assasination attempt on Governor not covered in legacy media
Ling Lang