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I have a question. Where in the Constitution does it guarantee anything other than Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? It doesn’t. So why do people think they are entitled to anything? This goes back to Woodrow Wilson and the “progressive movement” and culminates with Johnson’s “Great Society”. I truly believe that everyone needs help now and then. That being said, help does not mean support. Help for someone that is TRULY handicapped is not part of this conversation. However there are people that take advantage of the situation.

Case in point, I know a guy we will call Bill. Bill is a criminal and has been arrested on numerous occasions. Bill was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Because of this diagnosis, he receives a check from the government twice a month, in addition to food stamps. Bill has no intention of getting a real job as that would make him ineligible to receive his check. This is what the “Great Society” created. Generations of families that game the system to get money that they don’t deserve. Even Bill that dropped out of school, and is a thief, could still hold a job that is not dependent on a degree to do. For example he could cut grass, rake leafs, shovel snow, etc… in other words he is able bodied. Why is Bill “entitled” to our tax dollars?

When I was growing up, people had a work ethic. If you wanted something, you worked for it. Now this generation sits back and waits for it to be handed to them. The liberals in government (Republican and Democrat) feel that it is necessary to “Pay the way” for people who are able bodied but will not work. I was in a discussion last week with someone that was convinced that the government owes them something. We have a debt that is unsustainable. Why is that? One of the most productive countries on the planet can’t pay their bills… Why is that? We continue to throw good money after bad. I suggested drug screening for welfare recipients. Immediately he tried to hide behind the constitution stating it was in violation of the 5th amendment. (Actually it might have been a better argument using the 4th amendment) but in any case I wasn’t suggesting if they failed they would be prosecuted. I work for a living. Get up every morning and head off to work.(while our pal Bill sleeps till noon.) I had to take a drug test to get my paying job. Had I failed the drug test, I would not have gone to jail, but would not have gotten the job. What is the difference? If Bill would fail the drug test, he wouldn’t go to jail, but he also wouldn’t get his welfare check. This simple test could remove millions from welfare, thus reducing the debt. Then maybe Bill would see the light, clean up his act and get a paying job. The liberals would mock me, and say I am prejudice and so on.

I have learned that the liberals take issue with common sense. Instead they would borrow more money and increase the debt instead of taking common sense measures to reduce our dependence on China and Japan, that continue to buy our debt. Here is a question… What happens when they decide they don’t want to buy any of our debt? Or call the markers in? Who could we borrow money from when that happens? While I am at it, one more thing. When Paul Ryan suggested reforming Medicare the left was all up in arms, running television commercials showing Paul Ryan trowing Grandma off the cliff. But the lefts own program Obamacare, strips 500 BILLION from medicare. Why is the media ignoring this fact? The answer is the Main Stream Media has gone “All In” on the left’s agenda. They will never report on this until WE THE PEOPLE demand fair reporting.

What are your thoughts? Add them to the comments.


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