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Welcome back to Joshua Wander,
He stays enthusiastic!,
It’s Margaret Sanger Hutch,
Penn State tragedy, and an embarrassing student reaction,
Character attack on Herman Cain,
Occupy movement body count on the rise,
DHS hires devout muslims,
Is Newt making a move?,
ICE told not to enforce the law,
Administration backs communists in Nicaragua,
New media is key



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SCR doing well internationally,
Darrell Issa is bringing it hard,
Good Luck Joshua Wander 412-213-VOTE,
The President directed the execution of “Gun Runner”,
Almost missed the Tweets,
A manifesto for losers on Wall Street,
Herman Cain gaining strength,
Pakistan is an enemy of the United States,
Is China going to attack the Philippines and Vietnam ?,
Obama’s uncle ushered off the national stage,
Another lavish vacation for FLOTUS and company,
Johnny Cashless joins the show,
Harry Reid is the obstructionist,
Americans we must adapt, not stick our hands out,
You don’t want to mess with our Columbus Day parade
Video of Deputy US Attorney admitting POTUS directed Operation Gun Runner

Recounting the Joshua Wander interview
Eric is a segment, keep it coming
Hospital in Germany is Landstuhl
John Podesta looks diabolical
80% of Americans want higher taxes…BHO
The Social Security Lie
Herman Cain understands economics and leadership
Project Gun Runner, Operation Castaway and Fast and Furious
Can’t legislate then we’ll regulate
Retraction: Cass Sunstein is not a convict yet
Issa is starting to become effective
An array of potentially illegal fundraising behavior
Fox News getting the cold shoulder from administration
Obama pollster heads to CNN
Insurance covered Dunham’s medical expenses
Happy Birthday Mr. President
Breitbart has balls


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Some audio blips, back to the studio next week!
Palin Derangement Syndrome
Who gives a hell ?
Herman Cain is not black enough for the Left
In 2012 if you don’t have charisma you lose
The Tea Party is NOT the Republican Party people
Weinergate won’t go away, Anthony’s Weiners ?
Goebbels Media exposed for the propagandists they are
American Jew hating communists are in on the next attack on Israel
Union thugs protest at Special Olympics event
Hezbollah tactics in use south of the border
Operation Fast and Furious
Is the Race Card over
Can the legacy media survive
Car bailout math malfunction, by design
You Tube lip-synch felony

Join Steel City Resistance on Freedom Connector
Eric is becoming a segment
SCR stands with Israel
The Border must be protected by the US Military
Buyer Brown coming to the show and maybe Eric
Cain comes in with a bang and Newt flounders
President Obama gets schooled by Israeli Prime Minister
Allen West rebukes Obama’s stance wonderfully
Missiles in Venezuela people ? Silo’s ?
Do you really think you’re going to get a waiver moron ?
The War Powers Act has been violated
The soulless bastards that they are
The media should be defunded
Pay as you go & insurance is for catastrophe’s
Democrats vote for higher gas prices at the pump
We will investigate what happened


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Cain emerges early on a national stage
Ward upgrades to Command Center
SCR issues homework assignments
Hezbollah in Mexico, off come the heads
Islam is a belief system not a race
Iranian TV is conspiracy happy
SCR brings a teachable moment
Social Media will unseat the Legacy Media
Discretion not a Biden strong suit
We bring two lists to the show
Shoe in for 2012….Really ?
Unions rooted in communism