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Contact your representative on Audit The Fed,
SCR shows journalistic restraint on Frank Marshall Davis,
Obama campaign running a deficit,
Israel calls out Iran by name,
Ramadan Bombathon starts Monday,
Second Amendment under siege by the Left,
ABC News a Leftist organization,
The 2nd Amendment explained,
Murderer member of Occupy Black Bloc,
No more tax returns Mitt!,
Fast and Furious and Trayvon,
Muslim Brotherhood has dhimmified Establishment GOP,
The Mask is off,
Achievement kills the Leftist agenda,
Anti Jihad buses in the Big Apple,
God rest the souls of the Israeli athletes of 72 Olympic Massacre.


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Saturday Night Special,
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Ron Paul, Eric and War,
Kick Ron Paul Out of the GOP,
Obama getting embarrassed again in Arkansas,
Trayvon Martin set up falling apart,
Obama’s birth certificate phony duh,
Was Jeremiah Wright offered a bribe ?,
Romney is Wrong on Wright,
Remembering how Clinton let Bin Laden go,
Democrat domestic terrorism,
TSA not very secure,
Obama’s Communist Van Jones tells the truth,
WE are the new media

Romney working with Breitbart!

Posted: April 18, 2012 by Wardy in Andrew Breitbart, GOP, Mitt Romney

SCR #12

Posted: March 21, 2011 by Wardy in CNN, Department of Justice, Eric Holder, French Jets, GOP, libya, Michigan

The French leading the way ?
No time for the United Nations
The Spectator in Chief
…ESPN on the brackets not CNN
CNN at its worst
No, they didn’t allege shit
Department of Injustice
Illegal streaming – Federal Felony
Michigan – Financial Martial Law