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Well the American people have spoken. Obama has been re-elected, but what did we get by re-electing Obama? President Joe Biden. I also hope the Main Stream Media is patting itself on the back by hiding the facts about the Benghazi cover up, Fast and Furious gun running, FEMA and Hurricane Sandy. It borders on criminal what the media has done. Any way back to my original point, President Joe Biden. In the coming weeks Congress will be holding hearings about Benghazi, and the truth will come out. There are too many people that know what went on. The other BIG story that has yet to be reported is the Ft. Hood workplace violence (terrorist attack). This isn’t being covered in the media either. We the people NEED to start demanding the media tell the truth about Benghazi, FEMA failures, Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious, and on and on.

The reason the Freedom of the Press was built into the constitution, is for the press (media) to be OUR watchdog. To expose the shady things going on in the government. The MSM has sat on their hands and has done everything in their power to keep the American people in the dark. What happened to the press that exposed Watergate? At least in Watergate no one died unlike Benghazi where we have 4 Americans dead, while the MSM said nothing about the fact that the administration LIED. To blame the deaths of four Americans on a YouTube video for 3 weeks, then information comes out that the Ambassador had asked for more security THIRTEEN times and was denied, or that the White House and State department watched the attack real time. That tells me they knew what was going on immediately, but continued to lie to the American people.

So by the law of averages you have at least one friend or relative that voted for Obama, congratulate them when Biden is sworn into office.


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Great Job: The Right Scoop

Hat Tip to The Right Scoop !

Hat Tip The Right Scoop

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This week was historic in nature,
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Hat Tip to the Right Scoop!

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Guam is going to capsize, Fast and Furious is manufactured by these 2nd Amendment Tea Party people and Atlanta has some stupid ass voters


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GOP Primary race analysis,
Media gets exposed and crushed,
Gingrich decides to fight back and wins doing it,
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SCRTV is improving as we go,
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Market and Canada slaps back,
Obama Federal official from Arizona to plead the 5th,
Social media and Internet kills SOPA and PIPA,
Unions and Che,
CAIR must be stopped cold


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SCR completes first year and 50 episodes,
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Pepper spray rocks! ,
Pittsburgh City Council officially backs occupy Pittsburgh,
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Johnny Cashless joins the show,
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Americans we must adapt, not stick our hands out,
You don’t want to mess with our Columbus Day parade
Video of Deputy US Attorney admitting POTUS directed Operation Gun Runner

Tough to keep up with events around here,
Terrorist whacked in Yemen,
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Assassination ? Wake up people,
Sharia law in Georgia schools,
Romney is vulnerable,
Off with their heads!,


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Teabags to: 25 Louisiana Ave NW Wash DC 20001,
Perry has real problems,
Is Christie waiting in the wings,
Czars, Dictators and Regulators,
Thanks Ryan!,
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Bachman comes in last place,
Correction: 9% Corporate tax not Corporate Sales tax,
Fast & Furious getting much more serious,
Panic! Will Obama run ?,
Solyndra gaining steam,
Will the Make Believe Media survive ?,
Federal (our) dollars being paid to numerous dead people for years


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President proposes second stimulus plan
Jimmy Hoffa declares war on the Sons of Bitches
The Teamsters had approximately 1.4 million members in 2008
The Ant and The Grasshopper socialist version
Irrefragable truths….Radical Islam
Israel seeing greater threat
The Arab Spring will backfire on US
Green Corporation goes bankrupt, under federal investigation
Another weapon found and White House involvement in Fast & Furious?
AFL-CIO doesn’t see America as most do
No Clergy or first responders at 9-11 memorial


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GOP field continues to develop

Hutch predicts Palin to back Perry

SCR has many Alliances on Freedom Connector

DOJ and NLRB use their power to kill off jobs

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Very important speech coming up ? Really

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Sorry for last week and an initial upload malfunction
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Joshua Wander interview coming up on a future episode
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Media will not identify gangs as black
Communist Police Commissioner uses black congregation
This guy is in charge of a huge armed force
The KKK was a wing of the Democrat party, end of story