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Is the media waking up ?,

I fixed the audio,

Sharpton is straight up stupid,

Is Occupy going to start violence,

What are you doing for May Day,

Liberals wrecked the Downtown Pittsburgh experience,

Joshua Wander comes up short,

The Communists would crush Ron Paul,

Hutch doesn’t give Bush any slack,

College kids, if you borrowed the money, Pay it back!,

Life Rule# 1: Life is not fair,

Pit Bull is delicious,

Contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious,

White House Staff as pure as the driven snow,

The generic ballot bomb,

Health Insurance is out of synch,

EPA must go,

Federal Government not popular on Main Street,

TSA must go,

Muslim soldier acting the pig that he is,

DHS is infiltrated


Posted: January 23, 2012 by Wardy in ABC, CAIR, CNN, Fast and Furious, Gingrich, Keystone Pipeline, ron paul, Saul Alinsky, SCRTV

GOP Primary race analysis,
Media gets exposed and crushed,
Gingrich decides to fight back and wins doing it,
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican kids,
SCR knows Saul Alinsky died in 1972,
Newt’s ex does him dirty and it backfires,
Gingrich slays CNN’s King,
Establishment Republican playbook is a proven loser,
Ron Paul is not the answer,
SCRTV is improving as we go,
Obama kills jobs with no remorse,
Market and Canada slaps back,
Obama Federal official from Arizona to plead the 5th,
Social media and Internet kills SOPA and PIPA,
Unions and Che,
CAIR must be stopped cold


Posted: August 15, 2011 by Wardy in Cass Sunstein, CNN, Fox News, Joshua Wander, Legacy Media, MSNBC, Sebelius, Straw Poll

FOX News was looking for the sound byte

Bachman and Paul do well Pawlenty goes home

Legacy Media going after entire states

Romney is a set up folks

Hutch comes through like a pro after cueing the wrong clip

British culture is approaching cannibal status, US right behind them

CWA thugs embarrassing hard working folks

Americans are by and large Not Stupid

Tea Party terrorists wrapped up

Principled leadership wins

The regulations are strangling the economy

Credit downgrade due to debt folks, nothing else

Barney Frank farts on national television while assuming you’re stupid

Fight poverty and AIDS how about fight Commies

God Bless the Seals, Rangers and the rest of our Hero’s!

No GOP allowed in Pittsburgh Labor Day parade

Recounting the Joshua Wander interview
Eric is a segment, keep it coming
Hospital in Germany is Landstuhl
John Podesta looks diabolical
80% of Americans want higher taxes…BHO
The Social Security Lie
Herman Cain understands economics and leadership
Project Gun Runner, Operation Castaway and Fast and Furious
Can’t legislate then we’ll regulate
Retraction: Cass Sunstein is not a convict yet
Issa is starting to become effective
An array of potentially illegal fundraising behavior
Fox News getting the cold shoulder from administration
Obama pollster heads to CNN
Insurance covered Dunham’s medical expenses
Happy Birthday Mr. President
Breitbart has balls

SCR #12

Posted: March 21, 2011 by Wardy in CNN, Department of Justice, Eric Holder, French Jets, GOP, libya, Michigan

The French leading the way ?
No time for the United Nations
The Spectator in Chief
…ESPN on the brackets not CNN
CNN at its worst
No, they didn’t allege shit
Department of Injustice
Illegal streaming – Federal Felony
Michigan – Financial Martial Law