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Posted: October 31, 2011 by Wardy in Cain, establishment, Joshua Wander, Kent State, Pakistan

Can we narrow the GOP field please,
Joshua Wander visits the Resistance,
GOP campaign HQ vandalized in Squirrel Hill, ,
Herman Cain’s advertising is genius! ,
Do we have a President or a Dictator ?,
Democrats own racism and it’s stupid,
State Department buys $70,000.00 worth of Obama’s “memoir”,
Super Committee a loser,
MSNBC and other Democrat networks still dropping race card,
Pahkeestan is an enemy of ours,
Country Club Republicans must be purged,
Richmond charged Tea Party, but not the Occupy Richmond gang,
Hoping for a Kent State moment,
Awesomeness in Texas!


Tough to keep up with events around here,
Terrorist whacked in Yemen,
Occupy Pittsburgh coming to town,
Watch Islamic Sexuality A Survey of Evil (Graphic),
SCR Going international,
Chris Christie loses SCR support,
All things being equal SCR endorses Herman Cain,
$upport your candidate,
We ought to suspend elections for Congress,
We halt story about Obama and gay situation pending research,
Abolish ATF and cover everything up ?,
Assassination ? Wake up people,
Sharia law in Georgia schools,
Romney is vulnerable,
Off with their heads!,


Posted: September 27, 2011 by Wardy in Cain, Christie, Fast and Furious, Obama, Perry, Solyndra

Teabags to: 25 Louisiana Ave NW Wash DC 20001,
Perry has real problems,
Is Christie waiting in the wings,
Czars, Dictators and Regulators,
Thanks Ryan!,
Freedom Connector SCR group hits 50 members,
Bristol Palin takes it to a jagoff,
Herman Cain cleans up in Florida,
Bachman comes in last place,
Correction: 9% Corporate tax not Corporate Sales tax,
Fast & Furious getting much more serious,
Panic! Will Obama run ?,
Solyndra gaining steam,
Will the Make Believe Media survive ?,
Federal (our) dollars being paid to numerous dead people for years


Posted: May 30, 2011 by Wardy in #weinergate, Anthony Weiner, Border, Cain, Joe Klein, Palin, Sharia, Time Magazine

Buyer Brown joins the resistance
Federal troops in Texas is completely legal
It’s like an invading force at our southern border
New York #26 Time Magazine “a victory for socialism”
Is Palin rebranding ?
If the Legacy Media wants a candidate we don’t
I have resorted to prayer re: Allen West
No place in US Government for Sharia Law
The republicans will take Romney out early
Hey Minions go out and get Educated!
Buyer goes off!
Weinergate hits the new media as Legacy scrubs flounder
They dog Hutch for sending the junk picture
Mrs Weiner is that his underwear ?
Beck has done things and exposed people no one else would/did
New propaganda office at White House
Loughner gets over
American liberal women sticking up for Islam ?