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This week was historic in nature,
$100,000.00 Trash Collector,
Jimmy Carter fixed something,
No more automatic dues withholding,
The 4th Revolution,
Cultural Marxism via Kitman TV,
Communist Van Jones, respected panelist for ABC News,
If you suck as a teacher you suck as a teacher,
It’s not about the gold it’s about the dollar,
A recall they’d rather forget,
Pelosi for Hillary,
A magnificent Secretary of the Caliphate,
Obama a New Party member,
Barry is spending some fazools,
Islam defender and Keith Ellison wins in NJ,
Eric Holder busted again,
Obama misses D-Day commemoration,
CBS Chief at Obama fundraiser admitting bias,
Finally reporting on birthplace…..of Romney

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We call a Pig a Pig,
Follow us on Twitter @SCRpgh,
Facebook wars with Lefties,
Spending smoke and mirrors,
Ward’s a Thread Killer,
Leftist cities are failing badly,
Some Democrat controlled cities have wartime body counts,
Obama better hope SCOTUS is asleep,
Christian whites want American blacks to succeed,
All US veterans combat or not are hero’s,
Bill Ayers should be locked up,
Troops need better gear,
Eric Holder should be locked up,
Was Sarah Palin a failed McCain/Soros plan,
Is Obama flooding Israel with muslims ?,
Time to tear the Jurassic media down

Hutch is back and shownotes are available
Weiner’s out, but his wife ?
The Muslim Brotherhood in Washington ?
Romney is arrogant
Michelle Bachman makes a great entrance
Wanting to Tax the Rich is a character flaw
How did Huma get a security clearance
Bill Ayers, a real piece of work
GOP positions changing on foreign wars ?
Borrowing from China and France to pay Greece ?
Dirtbags in Guantanamo get new weapons
Where in the Middle East do Arabs live best ? Israel.
Flash Mobs in media = Criminal gangs