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After watching, listening and reading about the election all day a few things are starting to stir around in my head. If you’ve followed this show/page you know that I vigorously opposed Mitt Romney’s coronation. I also have to submit I honestly supported him once the party decided he would be forced on us. I am still surprised Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia didn’t end up as the VP pick after he fixed the primary for Romney . Just had to get that out of the way, I wanted him to win.  It is apparent that a lot of the establishment media types and politicians think they have the answers. I can smell the capitulation in the air as they scramble to remain relevant. I’m hearing that the Republican party should branch out and compromise. I’m hearing Boehner championing tax increases under the right circumstances. It’s getting sickening because we’ve heard it all before.

Let’s talk a little about how and why we got here. First of all I have to say as my neighbor Eric and I analyzed the events last night as we have throughout this lead up to the election, I was stunned. As you know I had been convinced we would witness an electoral landslide for Romney. How wrong I was and being the conservative and realist I am, I went looking for answers about  why we failed. We had everything lined up, it was 1980 all over again. Alas this is not the same America it was in 1980. We have become morally and ethically bankrupt in the interim. It is now acceptable to lie cheat and steal to win office, hell Alan Grayson was elected again in Florida. The second element is that after Tea Party victories in 2010 fueled by passionate campaigning and exposure of some bad folks, we turned the reigns over to people like Karl Rove and Ed Rollins, listened to washed up centrists that think they’re conservatives like Bill Kristol. We trusted people who I think look down on us like George Will and the list goes on. They did what they always do, led us right to defeat. The strategy of don’t piss anyone off, don’t offend anyone. We didn’t even exploit high crimes and misdemeanors clearly committed by this Chicago Crime Family in DC. One or  two ads about a month ago GRAPHICLLY depicting Benghazi and Fast and Furious endorsed by Mitt Romney would have forced the issue in the corrupt media….crickets.

I hate to say this, but with the conditions the way they are now, I don’t think the Republican Party as configured today will ever win another national election. I have a question for the fans of this page and beyond, so feel free to share anywhere you want. I don’t know what my answer to this is yet which is why I want to know how you feel.

I think we have two choices. We remove all the old school operatives and leaders of this GOP, which could be done over time. We would need to organize using a forum like Freedom Connector and it would be a fight. Understand if you are a Tea Party thinker, you are mocked, belittled and feared inside the establishment Carl Rove/Ed Rollins Republican party. The second option is more drastic and that is to draft some known national patriots and using the same communications or organizing strategy and exercise the very American option of starting a new Conservative party. It would need to make real aggressive inroads into all of the different segments of our society that love liberty, even if we have to show them what it is. We must accurately and convincingly demonstrate that welfare and government dependence is deliberate, destructive and slavery. I don’t think a party that is fractured like the GOP as it stands has a chance with the new demographic that is 2012 America. We had everything going for us and let this elite group of people that have never won a damn thing since 1984 except two Bush victories that were by one state and a Supreme Court decision respectively.

Whatever we do, we must do it with passion! The Progressive Movement (Democrat Party) has changed just as the country has. They are criminal and the professionals are America’s enemy as lethal as a foreign enemy. They hate capitalism, liberty, the constitution, separation of powers, American exceptionalism and success. They have rewritten history, contaminated our education system, well you know all this. The point is we cannot win within the ideological confines of 2012 campaigns any more. We are going to have to expose ugly, evil people and we are going to have to support new media outlets so they can grow and speak the truth to the lies of the propaganda ministries now called networks. I had a tough day like most of you, but we don’t lay down. My wounds are licked. I actually had about a half hour this morning where I was considering bowing out of all this, show and all…..then my hangover wore off.  Time to decide what we are going to do folks, please think about it and let the following and me know how you feel.      Hutch


Mr. President,

It looks to me like this administration has problems identifying a terrorist attack. The attack at Fort Hood WAS a terrorist attack. Not workplace violence as the administration suggests. Here is a little tip, when the attacker is yelling “Allahu-Akbar”, This is a terrorist attack. That statement in itself demonstrates that it is a pre-planned, thought out, terrorist attack. At the time of the Fort Hood attack everyone in this country KNEW it was a terrorist attack, with the exception of the White House. To the White House this attack was a simple case of workplace violence.

Fast forward to September 11th 2012. Watch any of the video from the Benghazi attack, and you will notice this was also a terrorist attack. It had all of the prerequisites. You had the “Allahu-Akbar”‘s, you had a huge group of muslims with automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades. At no time was this attack a protest gone bad. Under oath State Department officials testified they were watching a live feed from Benghazi. The other interesting thing is, to date the President of the United States has yet to call it a terrorist attack. At first it was a protest to an internet video gone bad. Now he has been heard to call it an attack, just not a terrorist attack. Why is that?

This is NOT a partisan issue. It is an American issue. When the attackers attacked the US consulate, they attacked the United States. The problem is this detracts from the White House narrative. They expect us to believe the President’s policies are working and that everything in the middle east is unicorns and rainbows. Anyone who follows current events knows nothing could be further from the truth. Iran will have a nuclear weapon any day now. Syria is trying to start a war with Turkey. Egypt has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, and this administration legitimizes them, by inviting them to the White House, instead of condemning them for the killers that they are.

When we started this show, we promised our listeners/viewers that we would call a pig a pig. These two examples of the administration NOT doing that. But you can’t talk about this on the campaign trail, because there is NO WAY that you can spin it so the American people will buy it.

It was commendable the way Candy Crowley, fought your battle for you, and your indefensible position, however in order to do that, she jumped on the grenade. Unfortunately she was wrong. I don’t even want to get into the issue that it wasn’t her job to protect you. Then again, you are used to the media rushing to your aid to bail you out.

Hopefully this will be the last letter I write to you, and the next time I have to publish an open letter it will be to President Romney.

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This article is being written as a pre-emptive strike against all of the Obama sheep out there. We are one of the sites suggesting that Allen West be selected Vice-President. (only because he elected not to run on his own). We also endorsed Herman Cain when he was still in the running. So no, we are not judging the President or any other candidate on the color of their skin. We are however judging them on their decisions. President Obama has led from behind at every opportunity, failed to keep any of his campaign promises. (Remember the most transparent administration in history?) That has nothing to do with the color of his skin but more to his lack of character.

We can go even further with his lack of a grasp on the economy. On June 11th the President declared that the private sector was “doing fine”, only to have to try to walk that back later.

All of the issues in the mid-east, Syria, Iran, not to mention attacking Libya WITHOUT Congressional approval. The uprising in Egypt, the turning of his back on our only major ally in the region Israel.

I guess a better question to ask yourself is “Name one positive thing that this president has done?” Can you name anything? For his first 2 years his party held the Oval, Congress and the Senate, yet the only notable legislation they were able to pass was the “Affordable Health Care Act.” (Which should get overturned by the Supreme Court soon,) Now name something. Under this president he has increased our national debt, more people are unemployed or under-employed. His administration has a strangle hold on the coal industry, the oil industry and the manufacturing industry.

America is a great and resilient country. Americans have overcome, and persevered before and I am sure that we will do it again. How? They same way Americans always have, with a steel resolve that no other country can understand. We will get through this mess that we are in and make this country the shining beacon of freedom she once was.

I am not an economist, but I like to think I have common sense. Instead of trying to figure out how to spend our way out of our problems, why not allow Americans do what they do best. The longest journey starts with a single step. First thing we do is allow business to thrive. Remove the power and treat of the EPA. Let’s face it, the only thing the EPA succeeds in, is putting people out of work and closing businesses. The EPA is responsible for manufacturing jobs to leave this country, by fining them into submission. Finding ANYTHING with a Made in the USA tag is a thing of the past. But yet these goods are still being made. How is that possible? The companies have removed all the manufacturing out of the jurisdiction of the EPA. The same exhaust is still being blown into the air at a higher concentration and rate that it ever was in the US. So the bottom line is, the only thing the EPA has succeeded in getting rid of is jobs. Their next target will be the coal industry. For those of you that don’t remember, here is the President’s quote in his own words. ““So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” How can anyone from West Virginia have voted for him as generations of families there has made their livelihood mining coal.

I know I got a little off topic.

Are we Racist?  No.
Are we stupid? Hell NO!

Many people out there voted for this president to prove they weren’t racist. Now vote against him to prove you aren’t stupid