All about the kids…

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Wardy in Blog, SCR
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How many times have you heard that lately? Since the attack at Newtown, it is on the news almost every day. Here is the problem, anti-gun lobbyists are trying to use what happened in Aurora, and Newtown as a backdrop for their grand gun grabbing design. On top of that they paint it that if you are against gun control, you hate children. But you know what the lame stream media isn’t telling you? The movie theater in the Aurora attack was a “gun free” zone, as was the elementary school in Newtown. Making guns harder to get only hampers the law abiding citizen. Criminals will continue to get guns, and continue to break the law until somebody wises up. The idea that you can legislate this problem away is borderline psychotic. No amount of laws would have prevented James Holmes from committing the heinous act he did in Aurora. CRIMINALS IGNORE LAWS! That is what is key.
I have heard the proposed gun laws are similar to controlling drunk driving by preventing sober people from buying cars. Even though it sounds insane, that’s what the whole law is. In fact, if you want to get into an argument with a liberal, bring that little nugget up, but buckle up because they will start to yell that you don’t care about the children and are racist.
In fact I have no idea why ANYONE gives any credence to anything, written or said by Piers Morgan or Jim Carrey. Why do a Brit and a Canadian feel as though they can comment on our guaranteed 2nd amendment rights?
Chicago has one of the most stringent gun laws in the country, and leads the country in gun murders. How is that possible? Guns aren’t permitted, so how are so many people being killed? Last year there were more people killed in Chicago than were killed in Afghanistan. Which is an active combat zone. So what does that tell you about gun bans? They don’t work.
That’s my thoughts, leave yours in the comments.


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