Listen to SCR#114




Whole lotta Global warming out there,

History of Steel city Resistance

Video locks up as Hutch apaologizes for last week,

DHS bullshitting Congress

Could Assad be dead?,

The killing fields of Syria,

Middle East analysis,

Republicans must clean house,

Ted Cruz smacks Witch Feinstein,

Is Morsi ready to unleash hell?,

Remind them we’re broke,

Gun control is a bonus for criminals,

A Bannerweek for the Jihad Report,

Universal Background Checks is the Holy Grail,

Hillary is the first gay candidate,

EPA is the enemy of our time,

Colorado assasin converts to Izlam,

Bloomberg is off the hook,

Boehner absolutely trusts Obama,

Clinton Benghazi emails leaking out,

Chemical weapons in Syria


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