Listen to SCR#110


The fellas are sick but drive on,

We discuss our longevity,

General Ham standing tall at AFRICOM,

Media complicity with the Left,

Market bites em in the ass,

Menendez a pedophile CNN gives 6 week pass,

Rubio takes career ending drink of water,

Sequestration crisis is bullshit warmed over,

The Pelosi anti HD video chip,

Drug resistant TB in LA brought in by illegals? ,

Troops to Niger,

Military awards explained and cyber medal must be lowered,

Hagel and Brennan not doing so well,

The SCR Beacon is launched,

Chicago is a Gun Free War Zone,

The Justice Department must be investigated and prosecuted,

Dr. Ben Carson scares the shit out of the Left,

Is the government gearing up to get military with us,

London and Wichita going 7th Century Muslim,

The American Left must join the conversation about Jihad,

Soros must be stopped,

Thanks to Joe Pags


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