Listen to SCR#108



Thanks to Buyer Brown,

Civilian Security Force worries,

Slobbering Chris Christie is a disgrace,

Running Guns just like Iran Contra without the drugs,

Obama being protected,

Why did we arm the Muslim Brotherhood,

Dr. Ben Carson hits it out of the park,

How long will the rich stay here,

LA Leftist killer Chris Dorner on the run,

Chicago Police Unions never stop being greedy,

No shame when it comes to parading Sandy Hook kids,

John Brennan a Muslim Brotherhood operative,

Obama AWOL during Benghazi attack,

Cheney smokes all Obama nominees as mediocre,

Ron Paul shows his idiocy concerning Chris Kyle,

Rand Paul gets Islam just not how to deal with it,

The Drone problem discussed,

Dumbed down America still loves Hillary Clinton,

Jesse Jackson Jr. gets half of what he deserves


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