Listen to SCR#104




Is 3rd party viable,

If GOP and Dems wanted balanced budget there would be one,

Physically decentralize federal government,

Harry Reid implicated in Bribery,

Will the criminals ever go to jail,

Fast and Furious bamboozle,

Democrats worship scumbag Bill Clinton,

Repubs weak as hell,

Co founder of reddit and RSS commits suicide,

Ward explains redefinition of Hacker,

Sharpton want BHO on Mt. Rushmore,
Gun sales surge,

Gun crimes concentrated in Democrat areas,

Out of the UN,

Lancaster joins the Resistance,

Wikileaks gets back in the limelight,

Will Obama release the Blind Sheik ?,

Will RINO Jew hater Hagel be confirmed,

Anti gun Holder to assist in gun talks,

Governor Cuomo is o moron,

A salute to our military,

Wendy’s employees get Obama’d,

French troops in Mali to attack Islamist’s…Here Here!,

Obama’s forged documents to Supreme Court and not in news,

No gun England has most violent crimes



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