Funny how that works…

Posted: January 13, 2013 by Wardy in SCR
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Osama bin LadenThe libtards are at it again… You know what’s funny, this administration asked for it. When Hollywood said they wanted to make a movie about the Bin Laden raid, The Obama administration bent over backwards to give away Intel material to demonstrate how Obama killed Bin Laden all by himself. Of course all of the Hollywood big shots were over stimulated at the amount of access they got. Then the film maker did something that no one expected. They made the movie about the people that actually did the deed, instead of the “hero” that was in a bunker to give the go order. And while I’m at it, why was that such a courageous thing to do? That was a no-brainer! Bin Laden was the guy that orchestrated the largest single enemy attack on American soil. The go order would be the easiest decision to be made. Now the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” (Full disclosure: I have not seen the movie yet) describes how the Intel was gathered to locate and eliminate Osama Bin Laden. That’s what the Super Libs don’t want “glorified”. Martin Sheen and Ed Asner, are chirping to the Oscar committee to not allow Zero Dark Thirty to get ANY Oscar consideration. They are bent out of shape because the movie doesn’t show Obama in the situation room, and demonstrates that enhanced interrogation tactics actually worked. But doesn’t fit the liberals narrative the enhanced interrogation dozen’t work. However based on the film, using intel provided the Obama administration the makers of the film, concluded that the enhanced Interrogation techniques do work, they do provide actionable intel. The film does not outline the fake vaccination scheme used to actually locate and verify that the target was in the compound. While we are at it, why has the Obama administration refused to help the doctor that handed over Bin Laden, Dr Shakil Afridi provided us with the ability to find the worlds most wanted fugitive. But to leave him behind in Pakistan to be tortured without even a protest from the White House.

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