Listen to SCR#103



No TV this week,

Gun Control tyranny,

2nd Amendment survival,

Hugo ready to assume room temperature,

The US Senate is broken,

$20 M in vacays,

Should federal flood insurance exist,

Can John Boehner get it done,

Deport CNN’s Piers Morgan,

Cloward and Piven in your face,

Gang Control problem,

1 dollar in spending cuts to 41 dollars in tax increases,

GOP totally missed Emancipation Proclamation 150th Anniversary,

Waves of new laws kick in,

Michael Moore doesn’t support the troops,

France no longer safe for Jews,

New US Steel Mills in the making,

Traitorous Algorezeera

  1. THANK EACH OF YOU PATRIOTS. I live on the East side of Pennsylvania in Lancaster Area! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

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