Listen to SCR#101


Shit Happens,

Gun Control disarm the public is sickening,

Michael Moore’s bodyguard arrested for gun violation,

Oklahoma City Bombing…no guns,

Gabby Giffords is the only known name,

Cancel the UN,

Report on Benghazi a weak attempt,

Did Fast & Furious cause marine’s incarceration,

Keep on commenting,

Where did all the Obama bumper stickers come from,

When did guns get taken from the American lexicon,

Harry Reid wants to end filibuster,

Has the Senate passed anything other than Obamacare,

Nikky Haley wins with Tim Scott pick,

Kerry to head State,

Sandy bailout filled with porkmobiles,

Where was shooters father,

Are the facts right on these shootings,

Westboro church gets got,

The dreaded lists,

Deport Piers Morgan,

Tens of people watch Current TV,

Jihad has many hijabs




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