Listen to SCR#99


Republican Party going astray,

Low Information Voters,

Facts don’t even matter,

Fiscal Cliff 101,

Social Security is an entitlement program,

Al Sharpton a tax expert,

Liberalism is a mental disorder…Savage,

Standard Leftist rebuttal…You’re Lying,

We go deep on Global Warming,

Talking Electric Cars,

He had a HAM Radio next to his head,

He had a phone in his Lincoln,

Street smart advice from SCR,

A sad state of affairs at the very top of the military,

Jim Demint makes a move to Heritage,

Establishment Republicans never learn,

Conservatives need to think younger,

The Fiscal Cliff is everything Obama wants,

Debt ceiling authority could go to Executive Branch,

The young are distracted,

FEMA incompetent military tapped,

Christians being slaughtered Clergy silent


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