Listen to SCR#98


Racist this Racist that,

Ambassador Rice lied end of story,

Democrats they are counting on you being stupid,

No honor in Democrat Party,

Be Prepared,

An offer we had to deny,

Allen West will be back,

The world turns on Israel,

Agenda 21 coming up,

Media totally in the bag,

McCaskill blames Petraeus  for Rice’s comments,

Freedom Connector alliances with SCR,

Thanks Jeffery! ,

When will it end in Afghanistan,

Follow the bodies,

Rice has a shadowy past,

Don’t forget TWA 800,

Egypt gets a pharaoh,

New Obamacare taxes coming in 2013,

Green Energy republicans gotta go,

Canada tougher than US on PLO,

SCR revisits Muslim Brotherhood,

We bombed the wrong side in Kosovo,

GITMO prisoners to US,

Ward says put them on Alcatraz


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