Listen to SCR#93

Help out Joshua wander at the Victory Center,

Google Hangout time,

Channeling Putin,

If yard signs are a hint…Landslide Romney,

Smith Casey tightened up,

US Gov skims,

SCR Represented at Pittsburgh Podcamp 7,

Comic Book Pitt

FNC has a serious fair and balanced news department,

Is Ben Ghazi running as a Republican ?,

General Ham relieved of command at AFRICOM,

The target is painted HELP ME!,

Internet State Department Memo’s scrubbed,

It was in the Battle Book,

Weapons Trafficking ?,

Petraeus  says Hell No,

Chain of Command explained,

Softball Interviews,

The end of the Progressive Era,

It’s all predicated on a lie,

Leftist vandals and criminals…yes they are,

Is Soros buying up gun manufacturers  ?,

Weather Evacuations in NYC


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