Posted: September 16, 2012 by Hutch Jr. in podcast
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Comment on the new format,

We don’t pick lightweight stories,

Re hashing to third party dumbness,

No Cabinet meetings & No budget,

The world is rumbling and the flag is burning,

Friday prayers are hate speech,

The polls are skewed,

Romney has the audacity to run against Abama,

Trohies for everyone,

Media is self-destructing,

The Big Collusion on a film,

The truth will end Islam,

The 20 year muslim plan for America,

Glenn Beck winning,

Communist teachers strike in Chicago,

2016 a blockbuster,

President really disses Israel,

A Jericho missile means the walls come tumbling down,

SEAL family is pissed,

The leaks are embarrassing,

CNN thinks you’re stupid,

9/11 moment of silence or fake boobs ?


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