How can I get a job?

Posted: August 14, 2012 by Wardy in Blog, jobs
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The question seems simple enough. It used to be, check the want ads, and apply to all the jobs you feel that you are qualified for. Hopefully you get called in for an interview. (Here is the first tip) When you are on an interview, you are now a salesman and the product is you. Don’t spout off what is on your resume that they are holding. Demonstrate to them why they need to hire you.

But let’s step back for a second, If you go to college, don’t do it in order to “find” yourself. This will only cause you to rack up huge student loan bills, and without focus you will end up with a degree that is less than useful. Let’s pretend I own my own company. I need to hire a computer support staff. I have the option to give an interview to either the guy that went to a 16 week vocational school for computers or an Art history major with a 4 year degree that has used a computer while working on their degree. Who gets the interview?
While we are discussing this let’s talk appearance. At most jobs (especially if you deal with the public). You are a representative of my company. And while I understand your right to express yourself however you see fit, if it is tattoos all over your body, or studs and other piercings in your face. That IS your right to do that. However it is my right not to offer you a job. If you want to get your face all tatted up, be prepared to run your own business. As an aside, people who get tattoos to express their individuality, are making themselves just like everybody else.
Very few jobs will let you come in with a degree in just about anything. The exception is the military, they will make an art history major an officer. But that’s about it. The idea of getting an advanced education is to increase your marketable skill set. Unless your goal is to be a philosophy professor, a philosophy degree is pretty useless.
So let’s say you go to that university, and get your useless degree. The average tuition is $26,273 dollars annually. That means that a four-year degree will cost you $105,092 in student loans BEFORE interest starts to accrue. Therefore wouldn’t it make sense to attend a school that gives you the best ability to get a job upon graduation? Or maybe attend a vo-tech school to get some skills under your belt to see if you can get a job, then go back to school. Many businesses will aid in tuition for employes trying to better themselves.

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