Posted: October 25, 2011 by Wardy in SCR

Technical difficulty with guests…sorry,
Lot’s of tweets and facebook,
Karzai an ungrateful douche,
US gets thrown out of Iraq,
SCR remembers the fallen Marines in Beirut,
Most Occupy Wall Street urchins employed,
Republicans far back in the polls do damage,
Republican establishment needs to be replaced,
Is the Uganda mission geopolitics in a mineral rich region ?,
Another green company goes bankrupt after stimulus,
Are Finnish cars coming your way,
We’re going to have to build a whole jail for the mopes,
Obama DOE stifles testimony,
How are there so many Democrat Pols,
Democrat convention is going to be fun to watch,
Steve Jobs “Barry you’re gonna be a one term president”,
Cain / Obama debates will be exhilarating,
Bobby Jindal cleans up in Louisiana


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