Posted: October 10, 2011 by Wardy in China, Fast and Furious, herman cain, Issa, Joshua Wander, Occupy Wall Street

SCR doing well internationally,
Darrell Issa is bringing it hard,
Good Luck Joshua Wander 412-213-VOTE,
The President directed the execution of “Gun Runner”,
Almost missed the Tweets,
A manifesto for losers on Wall Street,
Herman Cain gaining strength,
Pakistan is an enemy of the United States,
Is China going to attack the Philippines and Vietnam ?,
Obama’s uncle ushered off the national stage,
Another lavish vacation for FLOTUS and company,
Johnny Cashless joins the show,
Harry Reid is the obstructionist,
Americans we must adapt, not stick our hands out,
You don’t want to mess with our Columbus Day parade
Video of Deputy US Attorney admitting POTUS directed Operation Gun Runner


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