Posted: May 17, 2011 by Wardy in Eric Holder, Hezbollah, Huckabee, Israel

Hutch goes remote to Ft. Rucker, AL
Some of the audio is rough, but not for too long
Israel is under virtual siege
Would America defend Israel under this administration ?
Huckabee bows out early and the MSM pushes Daniels
Eric defends Ron Paul and brings some good knowledge
Obama’s choice was the easiest of his career, not “gutsy”
Hezbollah terrorists in Venezuela ?
We must physically secure our border now.
GITMO files released
Manning and Assange have a lot of blood on their hands
The foreclosure hype is a lie
Eliminate the EPA
Stedman is despicable
Texas gets burned by the Democrat tyrants
We talk natural disasters
Biofuels are not the answer


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