Ding Dong the prick is dead! (now what?)

Posted: May 3, 2011 by Wardy in America, Congress, dead, money, Opinion, Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan, Politics

Now that our outstanding military forces have effectively eliminated the most wanted terrorist in the world, what’s next. Currently there are celebrations going on, as the actions of this terrorist touched the lives of people throughout the country, I can understand the emotions that are on display now. I have heard many people saying that celebrations resulting from someone’s death is in poor taste, and that those that do celebrate will regret it. The only thing I (personally) regret is that I wasn’t the guy that put a round in his eye.
After the joy fades, there are some tough calls that need to be made. (I question whether this administration will be able to make the tough calls.) The first thing that will need to be addressed is cutting off all funding to Pakistan. But this goes back to this administration doesn’t have the stones to challenge them. Hillary Clinton already came out and admonished Pakistan, stating that they had to know that Bin Laden was there, but then almost immediately walking it back in order to remain politically correct.
Let me say this, as clear and concise as I possibly can…

Pakistan SCREWED us!

They have received BILLIONS and BILLIONS (16.8 Billion to be exact) of dollars to buy their support, and they took our money and continued to harbor the worlds most wanted terrorist. Contact your federal representative and tell they you want Pakistan de-funded. This is NOT how allies should act.
From the time the attacks started, we were told that it isn’t politically correct to accuse any Muslims of being complicit in the actions taken by a few. And I agree with that.
You can try to figure out a nice way to spin this, but I believe in dealing in the bottom line. From everything we have seen, The Pakistani government was complicit, took money from us, while at the same time protecting the person we were looking for. Now pull our remaining troops from Afghanistan. Tell them “Mission Accomplished” and let all of those countries fend for themselves. Let’s see how long they are in existence with no US involvement.
What do you think? Let’s see your thoughts in the comments.

  1. Hutch says:

    This is certainly going to be one to watch from The Bunker. The problem with defunding the $3.4 Billion a year in aid is that most Pakistan experts think that without this money the government goes belly up. In most cases we could say so what, they screwed us but the problem here is nuclear. I personally think we control or have the capability to secure the physical weaponry and any abandonment of this backwards women abusing third world rat hole would require seizing these weapons first. Not undoable, from The Bunker anyway. This is just a component we must consider.

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