The facts: Obama’s Socialist Past

Posted: April 14, 2011 by Wardy in SCR

“Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself” ——– Barack Hussein Obama
SAUL ALINSKY: *Overthrow Capitalism *Taught use of Class Warfare *Well-know Marxist/Socialist
*Wrote “Rules for Radicals” *Uses Trojan-Horse tactics *Uses deception to hide your motives
*Uses techniques to make people feel so defeated *Is a Master Manipulator *Obama said, “Best education I ever had” *Obama pushed Alinsky model while at ACORN *Obama wrote an article honoring Alinsky
GREGORY GALLUZO: *Alinsky leader *Alisnky’s “Greatest Disciple” *Uses a radical socialist agenda
*Wants collective property ownership *Pushes wealth redistribution *Teaches “The Need for Power”
*Trains militant activist *He mentored Obama on Alinsky *Obama instructed workshops on Alinsky’s Power & Self-Interest *Obama worked for Galluzo’s org.
FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS: *Communist leader/author *Opposes Capitalism * Friend of Obama’s family
*Praises Soviet Red Army *Was under FBI investigation *Fled to Hawaii from Chicago *Obama’s childhood mentor in Hawaii from age 10-19 *Advised Obama on Education *Obama calls him “Frank” in his memoir
Radicals “Down with Capitalism” *”Kill all the rich people” *I’m a Marxist and anarchist *”I didn’t bomb America enough” Sept 11, 2001 *Self-proclaimed communists *Plotted to overthrow government *Worked with Obama 7 years *Friendly neighbors *Obama’s political party at Ayers’ house *Obama endorsed his book *Spoke together on panels
ACORN: Socialist Welfare Agenda *Uses the poor as leverage *Pushes wealth redistribution *Trains militant activists *Pushed Sub-Prime mortgages *Guilty of Voter Frauds *Acorn’s lawyer trained ACORN on Alinsky *Obama paid ACORN $832K in 07/08
DR KHALID AL MANSOUR: *Said “There will be the largest bloodbath in America” *”Tear the flesh out of the White people – don’t worry, Attah wants you to do it” *Radical Muslim-Black Panther *Pulled strings for Obama’s acceptance to Harvard *Funded Obama’s education *Got Obama into Harvard’s Law Review
Louis Farrakhan: *Said, “Allah will destroy America” & “America is the Great Satan” *Radical Muslim leader *Pushes Marxist Socialism *Ties to Black Panthers *Calls Obama “The Messiah” *Endorsed Obama *Organized Million-Man March with Obama *Honored Farrakhan with Prestigious Award
Rev Jeremiah Wright: *Said, “God @#$% America” *Demands “Economic Parity” *Instills Class & Racial Warfare *Claims Gov. “created AIDS to kill blacks” *Met with Arabs with Farrakhan *Obama’s pastor for 20+ years *Married the Obamas *Obama’s father figure
Michelle Obama: *Called America “just down-right mean” & “For the first time in 26 years, I am proud of my country” *Views America as Black vs White *Quotes Saul Alinsky in a speech
*“The future is Socialism” *”Capitalism is the enemy” *Pushes Marxism-Leninism *Remove private ownership *Wealth redistribution *Class Warfare & Welfare state *Endorses Obama
DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST OF AMERICA: *Pushes Marxist principles (81 Democrats in congress are members) *Wealth redistribution *Remove private ownership & property rights *Obama’s Chicago new party *Obama once a registered Socialist! *Obama presented at Socialist Conferences & endorsed
Barack Obama: *Claims flaws in Constitution *Acting on Alinsky’s plans *Implementing Class Warfare
*Wealth redistribution *Economic justice *Said “Spread the wealth” *Pushes for Global welfare *Studied Marxist Doctrines


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